Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) provide comprehensive community-based assistance for children up to age 21 who are struggling with serious emotional or behavioral issues.

Our goal for each child is to be successful at school, at home, and in their communities. We teach them new skills so they can better manage how they feel and behave. We believe in building on strengths and nurturing resiliency. Each child is evaluated for their individual needs and may receive the following services provided by specially trained professionals.


The evaluation process starts with a child and family/caregiver meeting with a Licensed Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist for an evaluation to determine which services would be most beneficial. A child may also be evaluated to determine whether medication management is appropriate.

Functional Behavioral Assessment

Functional Behavioral Assessment, conducted over the course of a few days, assesses in detail what concerning behaviors a child is exhibiting. The assessment identifies possible causes of these behaviors and offers recommendations for intervention, such as coaching adults in a child’s life to promote the child’s development of productive and safe behaviors. The assessment also recommends ways the child and family can create stronger community connections to provide them with a support network.

Behavior Specialist Consultant

Behavior Specialist Consultants assess a child’s concerning behaviors at home, in school, and in other community settings, develop behavior plans to promote positive change, and coach the child’s caregivers and a Therapeutic Staff Support to implement the plan.

Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS)

Therapeutic Staff Support provide one-to-one mental health intervention with children who are experiencing behavioral difficulties. These services can be provided in the home, school, or community settings based on what your insurance company authorizes. TSS workers teach the child new skills to better manage feelings, and work with the child and family to practice and learn new behaviors.

Mobile Therapy

Mobile Therapists provide individual and family therapy in a family’s home. The Mobile Therapist helps a child and family learn to:

  • Identify thoughts and beliefs that underlie concerning behaviors
  • Express thoughts and feelings safely
  • Use new coping skills
  • Strengthen relationships and improve communication


Medication Management services are available and are provided by a Licensed Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in the Silver Springs Outpatient Program in conjunction with BHRS services described above.

Insurances We Accept/Other Information

Silver Springs accepts private and public insurances for behavioral health services. When you inquire about a referral, please ask us which insurance we accept. We will be happy to discuss that with you.

For information on assisting persons with limited English proficiency, or with vision or auditory limitations, please click here.

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