Staff Members’ Rights and Responsibilities/Grievance Procedure

SS/MLS respects the cultural values, ethics and beliefs of staff while simultaneously ensuring that the needs of the children and families are met.
An employee’s right to refuse to perform certain duties or procedures flows from the SS/MLS Mission and Values Statement, The Silver Spring’s Way, the employee’s job description including essential functions of that job, signed releases and the Employees’ Handbook, all of which prospective employees read and agree to prior to completing the employment process. All prospective employees are advised to review these materials carefully as it is their responsibility to judge whether or not they can fulfill the essential functions of the job, both in action and in spirit, as enumerated in the previous listing of documents.

In the event an issue arises that is outside of or not addressed in the above, the employee has the following avenues available to him/her(see Section 8.0 of the Employees’ Handbook):

Step 1 – Speak with his/her immediate supervisor or EOD and request consideration. If not satisfactory…

Step 2 – Request a meeting with the person to whom their supervisor reports, and submit a request in writing to the supervisor and the agency Grievance Officer. If not satisfactory…

Step 3 – Request a meeting with the Grievance Officer. If not satisfactory…

Step 4 – Request a meeting with the Vice President or President. If the complaint is with the President, the employee may appeal to the Chairperson of the SS/MLS Board of Trustees.

Staff may also contact The Joint Commission, 601 13th Street, NW, Suite 1150 N, Washington, D.C., 20005, 202-783-6655,

During this process, the employee has a responsibility to continue assigned duties appropriate to his/her position until the issue is resolved and/or Grievance Procedure concluded. This will ensure the continuity of care to children and families.